“The Spotted Pony Loves His Pal”

…she’s his favorite kind of gal.
See the way he cleans the plate
Those Christmas cookies are just great!

vintage wis cooky book pony

Many of us know a certain age vividly recall images like these from their childhoods. This, and others like it, was found in one of advertising traditions of Reddy Kilowatt, the annual Christmas cookbook.

May I Interest You In Some Retro Merchandise?

I have a thing for old photos of retailing situations. These two, featuring a Disney Donald Duck bag and a Muppet Show lunchbox and thermos, are from a lot currently listed on eBay.

Visions Of Sugar Plums Dance In Their Heads?

Meh. Probably not. But just try to get the image of these four babes from the 1940s out of your head! Each wears long johns or footie pajamas (perhaps with the old drop-seats, who can tell?) and snuggles a stuffed animal as all four of them lay in bed.

I Live Amongst Swedes, But I Didn’t Know This

I fondly recall Pippi Longstocking, but either never connected that she was Swedish or didn’t remember it… So, I was floored to find the wooden Villa Villekulla doll houses among the “typical Swedish gifts”. Adorable!