To Boldly Go Where Aliens Have Already Been

We can thank New Wave Science Fiction and its experimental “what if” nature of soft science for everything from Star Trek (and so fake Spock toys) to works which emphasized “hypothesis” of ancient human-extraterrestrial contact. It’s the last group, the sensationalized books which are the fodder of Roswell conspiracists, which seem to find me. Like this stack of retro paperbacks. Hey, Star Trek may have been the most accurate in terms of technological predictions; but Chariots Of The Gods has given us all Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Yeah, that’s not much of a defense. But a few of them might be kind of fun to read… Or not. I can’t promise anything in any direction.

For Guys Who Spend A Lot Of Time Looking At Photos Of Catherine Bach

You can hide your obsession for the original Daisy Duke and your completely natural but perhaps embarrassing activities with said photo by scrapbooking the photos with 3-D paper embellishments. There are even Hoggco Gas Pumps for her to pose by.


Is Your Toddler One With The Rhythm Nation?

Gilt Members who wish to dress their kids like little members of Janet’s Rhythm Nation can now do so less expensively. This military jacket from Beetlejuice (the kids clothing label, not the film) is available in sizes 2T though girls 8.¬† Alternately, parents of Devil Babies, as seen in last night’s Cougar Town, might also find this jacket useful — as prep for a straight jacket, or an actual military school. Which means maybe there’s more of a connection to Beetlejuice the movie than previously thought.

Regularly $103; Gilt member price, just $43. (While supplies last; sale ends in three days and some odd hours.)

This Photo’s A Real Scream

Now, I collect a lot of things — a lot of odd things, mind you. So when I ask you, “Who would collect a photo of a woman screaming?” I seriously want to know.

Even the auction title word-salad has me wondering… “Vintage Color Photo Television Screen Woman Screaming” — who searches for any of that?

…Now, looking at this photo that long, wondering all that, I am three steps closer to bidding.

Because I More Than Favor Thundarr The Barbarian —

Because I believe I am Ookla… I deserve this vintage Ookla The Moc Halloween costume and mask by Ben Cooper. I don’t really have entitlement issues; but I do think I’m entitled to this one thing.

Images and auction via Freddy’s Fleamarket.

As Seen On Haunted Collector?

The only thing scarier than a clown is SyFy’s Haunted Collector — and Haunted Collector is stupider. If you watched the first episode, you saw this cookie jar — Boo!

(Sorry, my vintage pottery McCoy clown cookie jar has been sold.)