Disney: It’s A Living, Gretel

Going through stacks of records, I redisc-overed this gem from 1964: Walt Disney Presents The Story of Hansel and Gretel, with music from the opera by Humperdinck.

vintage disney hansel gretel lp

At first I thought it was this Engelbert Humperdinck, but it turns out it was by this one; thanks NPR. As disappointing as that was, there was another delightful discovery…

Along with Laura Olsher (narrator), Michael Donahue (Hansel) and Martha Wentwoth (Witch), the voice of Gretel was Ann Jilliann!

story of hansel and gretel disney record

That’s a variant spelling of Ann Jillian — the extra “n” was also how she was billed for her portrayal of Little Bo Peep in Disney’s Babes In Toyland. Ann, of course, is to be adored for many things — among them It’s A Living.

The 16 year-old me adored that show; the adult me wants to watch it again. I can’t be the only one… Why isn’t that show available on DVD or Netflix or something?


A Puzzling Big John, Little John Flashback

Do you remember watching Big John, Little John — “your favorite Saturday Live TV show” on NBC? The short-lived Saturday morning television show featured Herbert Edelman as John Martin aka Big John, a 40-something science teacher, who drinks from the Fountain Of Youth, resulting in being randomly changed into a his 12-year old “Little John” self (played by Robbie Rist; who also played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch). Since no one can tell when the rejuvenation will begin — or end — hilarity ensues. The series producer was Sherwood Schwartz (writer, creator, & producer of Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch & other classics).

This is one of the few merchandizing items from that 70s TV show, a jigsaw puzzle made by H-G Toys Inc. (puzzle number 440-06), now available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

I personally do not recall this show; if you do, you can reminisce by watching the old episodes on DVD (finally released last October).

big john little john puzzle

Presidential Hats

Garry Moore, narrator of The Right Man (a show about past American presidential campaigns which aired prior to the 1960 election), wearing “headgear suggesting the days of Abe Lincoln (stovepipe), Grover Cleveland (soft beaver), Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider model) and something that looks as if it might be a brown derby.”

san antonio light oct 23 1960 garry moore in presidential hats

Oh Mighty Isis!

Isis, a comic book or graphic novel from the CBS TV show, The Secrets of Isis. Author Steve Skeates, illustrator Jack Sparling. Copyright 1977, Filmation Associates. A Golden All-Star Book, published by Golden Press, Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin, #6416.

Back cover has a full color photo of the actress, JoAnna Cameron, who played Isis on TV, in costume.

Those 70’s TV Shows

I just scored some vintage new old stock (NOS) TV show books and stuff from Whitman Publishing. Among them a Fat Albert activity book (just in time for his 40th birthday) and a Donny & Marie coloring book with paper dolls of the duo on the back. (Inside you can color and then cut out the fashions for the dolls; but, nope, there’s no Mormon undies to color inside.) I’ve a few more goodies from this stash to sell and share here at Kitschy Kitschy Coo, so stay tuned!

Mod Avenger Fashions

Diana Rigg & The Emmapeeler

Here’s that Avenger girl, Dina Rigg, in the grooviest jumpsuit on your TV screen. Called the “Emmapeeler” — after the character she plays — it comes in eight colors and is made of a stretch fabric called Crimplene. T.B. Jones Ltd. of London is the manufacturer.

Those giant “Avenger” watches that Diana wears with her jumpsuits also are a British import. They come in various colors and straps, and this spring they started to appear in stores throughout the U.S. They are by Old England.

Images via; there’s no mention of what publication was scanned, however, I’m rather certain the pages came from the June 10-16, 1967 issue of TV Guide (#741).

Old England is, again, making watches. More on the vintage Old England watches can be found here. And more information on Avenger fashions can be found here.