Vintage Wind-Up Squirrel

This vintage squirrel made me squeal! Sure, his ears are gone and he look a bit fragile — but look at those eyes and that fluffy tale!  And yes, it works — hes’ got a super-cute hop! Spotted at Exit 55 Antiques (where hubby and I are working today).

vintage mechanical squirrel

vintage wind-up toy

Glove Squirrel

The arctic cold has hit us in the northern plains, which is exactly the time that a person goes to look for gloves, but only finds glove.  Don’t toss out that solo glove (or just throw it back in the closet like we do) – get your scissors, some thread, and a needle, and turn your sad, lonely glove into a happy, fuzzy squrrel!

Full instructions are found here, via Etsy, and the original instructions come from the adorable book Happy Gloves:  Charmingly Soft Friends Made From Gloves, by Miyako Kanamori.