Power Mustache

You know how awesome mustaches are, and now you can have them watching you in every room:

Creative Outlets Stickers, found at Etsy, have more than just moustaches, though: you can make your outlets look like dogs, girls, and all sort of other anthropomorphic things that’ll make you feel bad for shoving big metal spikes into their eyes and mouths.  Just be aware of what kinds of mains your country uses; U.S. outlets look quite humanlike, but if you’re from somewhere else, adding mustaches to your outlets might look more like a robot failing at trying to look inconspicuous amongst the humans.

Manliest Mustache Comb Ever

OK, so you’ve taken Movember by the short hairs and now you think you’ve got a fancy-pants manly mustache to show for it.   There’s only one way to manly it up even further:  get yourself one of Nick Offerman’s mustache combs,  salvaged from the finest felled trees in California and shaped by the guy who plays Ron Swanson.   Your mustache will look like Tom Selleck himself placed a curse on everyone else’s mustaches.

Mustache Business Card

I know, it’s Movember and you’re trying to grow it out, but just hold on to this business card;  after your mom sees that anemic caterpillar on your lip at Thanksgiving, you’ll be wanting to have it gone by Christmas.  Big Daddy’s Barber Shop has everything worked out for you:



Clean Your Crumb-Catcher, Will Ya?

This mustache comb necklace, likely suitable for beards too, is a pendant on a chain — so you have a portable device for grooming those who forget to groom themselves. (Via Kitschy Living.)

Car Mustache

Whether your car is attending a fancy event, or trying to go incognito while infiltrating a foreign spy ring, you need to get yourself a Carstache.  Hooked on to your grill, any vehicle can be made more stylish, and they come in a variety of haircolors depending on your vehicle’s temperment.

Make sure you clean it a lot: remember how icky your grille gets due to insects who can’t be troubled to get out of the road?    Leave it too long without a good Stanley Steemer going-over, and it’ll look like the doormat of the Batcave.    We sure want one – don’t forget how much we love moustaches!

Stylin’ A Mustache Necktie

Everyone knows that a mustache is a stylish addition to your eveningwear – but what if you don’t have enough time to grow one before your black-tie event?   Strap one on your shirt, and dance the night away in style:

Via, but don’t forget how much we love mustaches around here.