Babs In Bibs: Donning Overalls, She Saw The Light

Up for auction at Heritage Auctions:

Attributed to CHARLES GATES SHELDON (American, 1889-1960)
Admiring the Saw
Pastel on board
30 x 19 in.
Signed lower right

From the Estate of Charles Martignette.

Dames & Dogs #46

Vintage pencil & ink sketch by Charles Gates Sheldon, up for auction on September 30, 2011.

CHARLES GATES SHELDON (American, 1889-1960)
Lady Posing with her Dog, magazine story illustration
Pencil and ink on board
21 x 15.5 in.
Signed lower right

From the Estate of Charles Martignette.

How Nice – Hunting Bullets Were Vegan

“What It Takes To Make A Shotshell” — a nifty little illustrated chart (found in The Standard Book of Hunting and Shooting, edited by Robert B. Stringfellow, copyright 1950, Stackpole & Heck, Inc.), which shows that vegetable oil was used to make the tube…

Nanette The Hungry Pelican

From Nanette The Hungry Pelican, by William Wise, illustrated by Winifred Lubell, published by Rand McNally, copyright 1969. (My copy a First Printing, February 1969 is now for sale.)

Mrs. Peabody Fitch
Was terribly rich,
And her house was as big as a mountain.

It had beautiful trees,
And a garden with bees,
And goldfish that swam in a fountain.

I guess we know where Nanette comes in…

Oh No! The Baby Swallowed My Matches, How Will I Recover

By borrowing a light from some guy, I guess. And thank heavens they found away to take care of my lips while I smoke! Excellent priorities, Mom.

A lovely vintage cigarette ad (1938) for Benson & Hedges Corn Tipped Virginia Rounds; via Lileks “Link” Tumblr. (Yes, I do have a Tumblr account I use now and then.)