Giddy-Up, Living Room!

Spotted for sale at Antiques On Broadway, this incredible five piece set of Western leather furniture with wagon wheel spoke accents.

The five piece ensemble includes couch, chair, glass-covered cocktail table, and two small side tables; priced at $1600.

Retro Potty Humor

My parents are coming to visit for a few days, and I’m super excited to see their reaction to my retro chalk toilet seat:

Stand close, its shorter than you think.

Complete with retro 70’s flowers. And only 75 cents!

PS Hubby, of course, says it only applies to company. *wink*

A Stern Warning For Kids Who Won’t Clean Their Rooms

Just one of Alissa Ross’s plush trophies on the wall — combined with a well-arched eyebrow — and kids might just take you seriously when you tell them to clean their rooms, “or the teddy gets it.”