Do Pistol-Packin’ Mamas Raise Rifle-Using Daughters?

Another one of the Dolly Toy Company pinups, this one featuring a gun-toting toddler defending the stagecoach. OK, so many she’s not a toddler. …But then again, maybe the little girl isn’t defending the stagecoach either. You can see the rest of the pieces in this set here, in our Etsy shop. (Better look quick — these vintage nursery pieces sell fast in our store!)

vintage dolly toy co stagecoach robbery pinup

Retro Owl String Art

There may be some kind of math lessons to be found in string art, but we don’t give a hoot about that. We’ve just listed this fabulous vintage mother and baby owl string art piece at eBay; loads more owl string art works to be found there too, should you already have this one in orange.

owl string art

Be Careful What You Wish For

Weeks later, I get a surprise in my auction lot box: a giant spoon and fork.

How can a giant set of utensils surprise someone? Let me count the ways…

#1 by being at the very bottom of the box;

#2 by not being made of wood (they’re plaster with faux wood grain painting).

You’d that this would only further thrill this lover of kitsch, but…

In this case 1 + 2 = the previously repaired (glued) pieces were damaged too much to actually hang on the wall. And heaven knows I can’t afford any horizontal space to store them on.

Maybe All The Alien Sightings Are Turtles

I’m completely fascinated by the turtle skull fossils at Antiques On Broadway. I want one above a doorway, like a gargoyle face looking down from above — like the alien faces abductees are always drawing. Plus, they are on sale. …Oh, honey, for just $65 we can have one in the new (old) house!