When Spoons Can’t Spoon

They become shakers.

A pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers that look like spoons, or, because they are ceramic, like spoon rests. They are concave; not eggs. Usually a spoon is paired with a fork in these vintage anthropomorphic utensil S & P sets… So it seems an odd pair. Even for the oddity that is anthropomorphic silverware. But at least Mr. & Mrs. Spoon each have their own spoon and fork.

The Three-Foot Tall Masked Doll

I wanted to get this huge vintage masked doll to scare my sister with. (She has a fear of dolls and I wanted to sneak it into her bed, pull the comforter up over it and let her find it long after I left the house — don’t worry, I’d be sure to hear her reaction lol)

But sadly, it was not meant to be…

The doll was placed up for auction along with the old metal riding toy tractor, and in Fargo-Moorhead, those old farm toys and pedal cars sell for waayyyy too much for me to even raise my bidding paddle. Maybe next time, the 3-foot old cloth doll will be mine — err, my sisters. *sigh*

The Stove Will Come Out, Tomorrow

That’s what I was singing in my head when I spotted this vintage Little Orphan Annie metal toy stove at an auction. Yeah, hubby prefers I keep such things to myself — which is why I was only singing in my head. But isn’t that what blogging’s for?

Given what I see at eBay, this toy was made by Marx.

Man, I love Marx toys.¬† …Maybe I can find a way to work them into the chorus! Because now that song is most definitely back in my head.

Thank Gawd I Only Had $5 Left

Rummaging on Saturday, I spotted this huge black velvet painting of unicorns.

It was near the end of our day (as marked by the sums in our pockets), so I wasn’t able to buy it. Not that I wouldn’t love to have it, but since we already have problems with wall space — and we’re moving to a smaller house — I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it $35 worth. So if it had been, say, $5, I would have snapped it up and then wondered how to hang it from the ceiling or something. Ah, the blessings of unicorns.


When I spotted this vintage pink Tom Thumb cash register at the Moorhead Antique Mall, my bell was rung and I was instantly transported back to playing with a sooo-retro turquoise version…

Mainly that old toy cash register was used to ring up sales in the basement bar, where my sister and I played barmaid and waitress, serving my parents corny cocktails like screwdrivers — an actual screwdriver in an empty glass, har har har — and equally moronic meals, made of puns and odd found basement things.

By then, the box had long been gone, but it was still awesome!

And I totally want to call my sister and reminisce… Maybe over a couple of screwdrivers.