Salting Away Your Money

Kitschy vintage salt and pepper shakers, souvenirs from Gooseberry Falls. One in the shape of a safe, the other a golden moneybag, it may have some political statement when the rise of tourism in the 1920s created a concern that the area would be accessible only to the rich.

Home Is Where The Heart Rendering Is

A vintage home canning and label book from Worthington Rendering CO, Worthington, Minnesota, “Our gift to you in appreciation of your calls.”

What calls, you ask?

Calls to report or turn in what Worthington wants to render:

Wanted All Dead & Disabled Animals

Courteous Drivers

Large or Small — We Make the Call

Hey, they had clean and sanitary disinfected trucks. So don’t worry about it; go can some fruit. Just don’t tell Timmy & Betsy what really happened to Old Shep and that lame kitten… Just tell the kids the pets went to go live on a farm. Or another farm.

Vintage Plastic Cowboy Pinball Machine

Hard to imagine that this plastic floor-standing pinball machine survived at all, let alone in working condition — but there it was, in an antique shop in Fergus Falls, MN. The price on the tag was $75; but it was half-off this holiday weekend (at least).

Fo Jetzel My Pretzel, Keebler Elves Can’t Keep All The Fun To Themselves

I spotted the Pretzel Jetzel, the “Jet-Age Pretzel Making Toy,” at Antiques On Second in Milwaukee.

This food making toy from Transogram combines the appeal of the Easy Bake Oven with some of the mold-making fun of Creepy Crawlers.

Additional images: Transogram ad from a comic book, via kenyatabks. Box and toy, via Time Warp Toys.

Kostelanetz’s Calendar Girl

Spotted in the thrift store today, Calendar Girl, by Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra. In this cheesy pandering LP, the recordings are organized by month and the songs are those with girls names. (More on my vintage vinyl scores to come.)