Tomato Buttermilk Pickup

Normally I save the vintage recipes for Things Your Grandmother Knew, but this one? Phew! It’s not much of a recipe (buttermilk and tomato juice, two-to-one), but is sure sounds disgusting. While you’re here, help yourself to a prune shake — recipe. (Via.)

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My Foster Mother Is Cow. So Is Yours.

From Favorite Recipes From America’s Dairlyand, by the Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture (who else?) comes the following moo-ving sentiments:

This Dairlyland Cook Book is a Tribute to the Foster Mother of the Human Race whose Dairy Products have made America strong and mighty.

Least you have any doubts who our “foster mother” is, there’s a photographic portrait of the divine bovine.

PS This that’s cheesy? Check out my “Better Know Your Cheese” contest.

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