Dolls From The 1957-58 Aldens Catalog

Some selected dolls from the Fall and Winter Aldens catalog. There’s Dennis The Menace

Little Miss Revlon, with her Magic-Touch skin (a phrase that creeps me out) and her “‘Form-Fit’ bra and girdle with nylon front” (FormFit being a lingerie company all-too wiling to confuse the lines between girlhood and womanhood)…

And my personal favorite, Patti Prays doll — or Pattie Prays, depending on whether you believe the type by the image of the doll or the text used in the catalog description. (Not to be confused with Patty Prayer doll by Niresk.)

My Mom Knows I Have A Thing For Elves

You can all ’em elves, brownies, imps or whatever, but I’m a sucker for them. And my mom knows it.

So why, then, is she selling this vintage plastic elf ornament when it would be such an awesome gift for me?

I can only conclude that she hates me.

Or that she’s got an even better old elf set aside for me. …It will be pretty difficult to top this elf and his amazingly shiny hiney though.

Craft Scan Friday: Make Paper Furniture For A Doll House

The author’s advice: “Old shoe boxes make excellent houses.” (I think she means for dolls, not the homeless; but in this economy, perhaps we might consider some of the options.)

Wouldn’t it be ironic to make paper furniture for your vintage paper dollhouse from the pages in this book?

From Play With Paper by Thea Bank-Jensen; Scholastic Book Services © 1962 (my copy is the third printing, July 1973).

The Stove Will Come Out, Tomorrow

That’s what I was singing in my head when I spotted this vintage Little Orphan Annie metal toy stove at an auction. Yeah, hubby prefers I keep such things to myself — which is why I was only singing in my head. But isn’t that what blogging’s for?

Given what I see at eBay, this toy was made by Marx.

Man, I love Marx toys.  …Maybe I can find a way to work them into the chorus! Because now that song is most definitely back in my head.

Dames & Dogs #20

We just had to put our sweet dog, Ween, to sleep on Sunday, so this post is particularly tender and bitter sweet; after all, Theda’s pup is a dead as she is. (I’m not the only one who thinks these things.)

Plus, this gives me the opportunity to plug my post about Theda Bara and other silent film news.

What an opulent setting!

The Violent Little Log Cabin In The Woods

A pressed paper or cardboard log cabin with “Indians” that pop-up from around corners and doorways that good little boys were supposed to shoot at to improve their aim, I guess. My inner little girl was fascinated by this sort of paper doll house for boys; violent (and rather racist), yes — but with moving parts!

Photo snapped at an auction; I know nothing else about it. I you do, please share!

Do Your Do Like The First Lady In 1962

I normally don’t even look at JFK stuff; everyone saved all their Kennedy stuff, so the Age Of Camelot memorabilia is quite common. But when I spotted this 1962 Dell Purse Book, # 4160, The Jacqueline Touch, I had to pick it up because it seemed so unique to me.

I was rewarded with six pages of “First Lady Dos” — which I now share with you!