The Violent Little Log Cabin In The Woods

A pressed paper or cardboard log cabin with “Indians” that pop-up from around corners and doorways that good little boys were supposed to shoot at to improve their aim, I guess. My inner little girl was fascinated by this sort of paper doll house for boys; violent (and rather racist), yes — but with moving parts!

Photo snapped at an auction; I know nothing else about it. I you do, please share!

Masters Of The Retro Airwaves

Spotted at an auction at Villiard’s this weekend, a MOTU transistor radio with He-Man on one side…

Skeletor on the other.

I don’t know how much it sold for; not only was it in a box with several other retro transistors, but there were multiple auction rings going on and I missed seeing it actually sell.

Just Ethel’s Luck

She finally got to the show, finally got a photo of her in her pretty hat published, and there Ethel is – blowing her nose.  …Looks like Johnny’s eating a booger too. Oh, everyone was so proud.

This is the back cover of  “367 prize winning household hints” from The Armour Radio Show Hint Hunt, a booklet from the daily CBS radio show. (Some tips are better than others — or at least the prizes awarded would be different.)

According to the booklet, which looks to be from the 1940s, there was to be a series of Hint Hunt booklets; however, this is the only booklet I’ve seen, the dirty rotten liars.

(Vintage) Boys Behaving Badly

Perhaps it’s because years of leafing through vintage magazines has left me rather immune to (at least the original) shock of seeing babies sucking on pipes and nursing from other tobacco sources (well, that and the knowledge that kids with tobacco is prevalent in other places) that I’m struck more by the second image…

Taken only in 1986, it’s difficult to recall a world in which such photos — taken in as film and processed, yet — would not result in a visit from child protective services.

Photos found via adski kafeteri at LJ.

Quality Time With Grandpa

That’s Richard Shufflebottom throwing knives at his grandson Garry at a Yorkshire fairground. If Garry’s mom, Florence, seems too happy to watch, it’s because Richard’s her father; so heaven only knows what her childhood was like. (Photo via National Fairground Archive.)