“I’d Soda Like To Be Your Valentine!”

Another pun-filled vintage Valentine that kids would give out in class. This one features a 6-pack of soda pop, in the paper carrying case (remember those?!), complete with bottle caps (save for the opened one with a straw).  The red hearts are flocked.

On the back, there’s another pop bottle — with the cap popping off from the force of love bottled inside. Some funny kid wrote the word “BOOZE” on the bottle. …Well, love is intoxicating! Also, there’s a name crossed out.

No marks for maker; roughly 4 1/2 inches tall.

You can buy it from me:

Have A Coke & A Smile

Thankfully, the old Coca Cola slogan wasn’t “Share a Coke and a smile” or we’d have to say something about sharing a lap and how that leads to smiles… Photo of Sally Eilers sitting on Norman Foster’s lap.

Mom Said Not To Play With Your Food

But she didn’t say anything about your beverages, did she?

Forget about blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk — now you can play Space Invaders in your (already bubbled) soda pop! Make ice cube invaders with Fred and Friends Ice Invaders.

If you’re dehydrated, we highly recommend playing Tetris in your beverage — you know you’ll be playing for hours, so you won’t dehydrate. Make puzzle-shaped ice with this Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray.

Or follow the directions to make your own block silicone ice cube tray.

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Modern Woman Monday: What Little Girls Want For Christmas In The 50s

From the Aldens Fall and Winter catalog (1957-58), “Girls’ Jr. Homemaking Toys — Let her learn to do things all by herself.”

The Marx Toys three piece kitchen set, stove, sink and refrigerator, $4.99. The Jr. Coca-Cola Dispenser, $2.79.