Selling Schlitz Beer In Japan At The Turn Of The Century

I’ve posted lots of ads and information from this antique Japan travel guide, but I had to share this pair of advertisements from Pope & Co., who don’t want you to go hungry! I guess their solution is for you to be good and drunk on trips to the interior. I guess numb will keep you dumb to your hunger, so drink up the champagne, the whiskey and the beer! And cigars; smoke ’em if you got ’em — and if you don’t have them, buy them from Pope & Co.

Join Us At The Tavern

Vintage black and white photo of folks in a bar, tavern or night club. At our table, bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. The lady smoke Pall Malls; the gentlemen, Lucky Strikes. The other lady has her smokes hidden in her cigarette case or, as we called ’em, “weasel pouch.” Two ladies at our table are wearing hats, as are several gentlemen seated at the bar.

Measures 5 by 7 inches; 1945 ink stamped on back, along with 7-17-28.

For sale from us at eBay.