When I Was A Bachelor

When I Was A Bachelor, an odd old nursery rhyme from the Little Verses For Very Little People in The Book of Knowledge, circa 1910.

When I was a bachelor I lived by myself,
And all the meat I got I put upon a shelf;
The rats and mice did lead me such a life
That I went to London to get myself a wife.

The streets were so broad and the lanes were so narrow,
I could not get my wife home without a wheel-barrow;
The wheel-barrow broke, my wife got a fall,
Down tumbled wheel-barrow, little wife, and all.

Dames & Dogs #20

We just had to put our sweet dog, Ween, to sleep on Sunday, so this post is particularly tender and bitter sweet; after all, Theda’s pup is a dead as she is. (I’m not the only one who thinks these things.)

Plus, this gives me the opportunity to plug my post about Theda Bara and other silent film news.

What an opulent setting!