$3 Spanky

A vintage ad for Spanky, a 24-inch, freckle-faced little boy doll pattern — actually, a “professional type, pull sized pattern” from Creations by Mavis. Which is good, because even in 1978, we were not sending in three whole dollars off for some amateur type pattern.

spanky doll ad 1978

Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse

Poetry straight out of the potty, Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse by Bob Ross features photos of old outhouses too. We’ve got a copy for sale at Exit 55 Antiques; you can call the store direct at 218) 998-3088 or contact us here if interested. Otherwise, there’s Amazon and eBay.

meanderings in an outhouse

A Puzzling Big John, Little John Flashback

Do you remember watching Big John, Little John — “your favorite Saturday Live TV show” on NBC? The short-lived Saturday morning television show featured Herbert Edelman as John Martin aka Big John, a 40-something science teacher, who drinks from the Fountain Of Youth, resulting in being randomly changed into a his 12-year old “Little John” self (played by Robbie Rist; who also played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch). Since no one can tell when the rejuvenation will begin — or end — hilarity ensues. The series producer was Sherwood Schwartz (writer, creator, & producer of Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch & other classics).

This is one of the few merchandizing items from that 70s TV show, a jigsaw puzzle made by H-G Toys Inc. (puzzle number 440-06), now available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

I personally do not recall this show; if you do, you can reminisce by watching the old episodes on DVD (finally released last October).

big john little john puzzle

Nancy Was A Shaun Cassidy Fan

I found this vintage Arrow Scholastic Book Services order form inside one of the retro ’70s books. You’ll notice that Nancy was ordering the Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook. Which proves just how much of a fan she was, because this slip was the bookmark in that very book. Maybe they gave the order slips back when they passed out the books… Maybe not. I prefer to think of Nancy as ordering an extra copy. You know, to keep one clean and drool free. Wherever you are, Nancy, we salute you!

retro vintage scholastic teen book order form

While we’re talking about Shaun Cassidy, note the photos of him with Darth Vader, a Harlem Globe Trotter, and John Wayne which are found inside the book.

shaun cassidy photos

Freakies News!

I love Freakies! So I’m super excited to let you know there are great things happening with the Freakies. One, Guy Himber has licensed the rights to do a Freakies Playing Card Deck — but he needs our help. Support the Feakies at Kickstart! More freaky news about the Freakies coming soon, so stay tuned.

freakies playing cards

Image via Himber at Flickr.