“The Spotted Pony Loves His Pal”

…she’s his favorite kind of gal.
See the way he cleans the plate
Those Christmas cookies are just great!

vintage wis cooky book pony

Many of us know a certain age vividly recall images like these from their childhoods. This, and others like it, was found in one of advertising traditions of Reddy Kilowatt, the annual Christmas cookbook.

Sparkling Clean? Not-So-Much

Circa 1960s, this is the paper wrap that went over your drinking glass in a hotel or motel. When I grabbed this from the china hutch at that estate, I thought the original glass was still in it; but it turns out there was some powdery stuff the husband thinks was “some sort of ash from a volcano” — “like from Hawaii or something.” OK. But since I accidentally dumped most of it on my floor in my ignorance to its existence… The vacuum got it.