“He Does This Just For Fun”

Nick Janson, a 22-year-old locksmith who calls himself an “amateur escapeologist” re-creates a Houdini favorite, escaping from the straight jacket while hanging upside-down. Another cagey trick: escaping out of a locked padded cell.

Another scan from that 1954 issue of People Today.

“This Candy Must Taste As Good As Or Better Than Your Favorite Candy Or Your Money Back!”

And they guarantee you’ll lose weight too!

Another scan from that 1954 issue of People Today, this time an ad (one of the few advertisements in the magazine) for Kelpidine Candy. There was a gum too.

“Kelpidine” doesn’t sound tasty, but it’s not as unfortunate a name as Ayds weight loss candy.

Anyway, People Today is rather a mini-men’s mag, so I feel rather weirded-out that the ad depicts a “fat chick.” If this was a February issue of the publication, I’d be convinced guys were supposed to give their fat wives a box of Kelpidine for Valentine’s Day.

But I guess the guys were just supposed to buy her weight-loss candy “just because.”

Ring-Ring, Bling-Bling, Ring-A-Ding-Ding!

Jayne Mansfield with a rotary dial telephone full of bling on the January 1958 cover of Modern Man mag. It’s enough to make your teenage daughter go blind with jealousy. And we don’t just mean for the phone bling either.¬† (You’d better keep this away from your sons too; they could make themselves go blind too.)

Beware Of Liquor That Knocks Your Hat Off

So warns this risque vintage postcard (via A Slip Of A Girl). I’m guessing that artist Tony Roy expected lady’s underpants to be worn as hats at some point in the evening… Which only further drives home the point about imbibing too much. So here’s to a happy & safe New Year’s Eve, for you, your panties and your hats.

PS I love that the “i” is upside down in “liquor.”

Before Organ Sales, Your Body Had A Street Value Of 30 Cents

The following table shows the approximate composition and value of the chemicals in a body weighing about 150 pounds.

This was published in What Is My Physical Make-Up? by Rasmus Alsaker, M.D. (No. 3 ABC Series, published in the July, 1957, issue of Health Culture, The Family Health Magazine).

Dr. Alsaker says this “ultra-scientific” quote comes from “what Professor R.L. Greene of the College of Science, University of Notre Dame wrote years ago.” So I’m not sure that the 30 cent street value was accurate even in 1957. But obviously organ harvesting renders our meat more valuable than our chemical content.