Numerically Speaking Quiz (1945)

From the August 4, 1945 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, a little quiz by “Paige Reeder.”

Many numbers have special meanings, quite apart from their arithmetical value. There are a baker’s dozen of them below. How many can you interpret? Ten correct is good; if you get them all, you are just plain lucky.

I was neither good nor lucky; neither was hubby. Let’s see how you do — without cheating and searching the internet. I’ll post the answers in the next few days.

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Modern Woman Mondays: 52 Pick-Up For Realz

In that 1940s Hint Hunt tips booklet,  the “easy and inexpensive trick for reducing” literally is playing a game of 52 pick-up — complete with graphic.

Cod Liver Oil Vs The Laundry

Another one of those “prize winning household hints” from that 1940s Hint Hunt booklet: “Give cod liver oil while the baby is taking a bath and you will avoid staining clothes!”

No word on how to avoid staining the bathtub.

Just Ethel’s Luck

She finally got to the show, finally got a photo of her in her pretty hat published, and there Ethel is – blowing her nose.  …Looks like Johnny’s eating a booger too. Oh, everyone was so proud.

This is the back cover of  “367 prize winning household hints” from The Armour Radio Show Hint Hunt, a booklet from the daily CBS radio show. (Some tips are better than others — or at least the prizes awarded would be different.)

According to the booklet, which looks to be from the 1940s, there was to be a series of Hint Hunt booklets; however, this is the only booklet I’ve seen, the dirty rotten liars.