Join Us At The Tavern

Vintage black and white photo of folks in a bar, tavern or night club. At our table, bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. The lady smoke Pall Malls; the gentlemen, Lucky Strikes. The other lady has her smokes hidden in her cigarette case or, as we called ’em, “weasel pouch.” Two ladies at our table are wearing hats, as are several gentlemen seated at the bar.

Measures 5 by 7 inches; 1945 ink stamped on back, along with 7-17-28.

For sale from us at eBay.

Modern Woman Mondays: Absent Minded Insurance

The dangers of absentminded maids, wives and husbands illustrated in this vintage Insurance Company Of North America Companies ad, scanned from the May 1, 1944 issue of Pathfinder magazine — where we also learn where lime J-ELLO with shredded carrots came from

Killing The Messenger

There are tribes in Africa that still use a gruesome messenger service that has been practiced for centuries. When a tribesman wants to communicate with the dead, he gives his message to some unsuspecting stranger, then starts him on the way by stabbing him to death.

From a 1940’s Modern Woman magazine.

The Happy Harrises

An article about “The Happy Harrises,” Alice, Phil, Alice Jr., and Phyllis, by Helen Maree as published in Modern Woman magazine (Volume 17 Number 1 1948). Note the “twin silver mounted saddles” amidst the “gay ginghams and large overstuffed chairs.”