Tomato Buttermilk Pickup

Normally I save the vintage recipes for Things Your Grandmother Knew, but this one? Phew! It’s not much of a recipe (buttermilk and tomato juice, two-to-one), but is sure sounds disgusting. While you’re here, help yourself to a prune shake — recipe. (Via.)

kitschy vintage dairy beverage recipes

My Foster Mother Is Cow. So Is Yours.

From Favorite Recipes From America’s Dairlyand, by the Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture (who else?) comes the following moo-ving sentiments:

This Dairlyland Cook Book is a Tribute to the Foster Mother of the Human Race whose Dairy Products have made America strong and mighty.

Least you have any doubts who our “foster mother” is, there’s a photographic portrait of the divine bovine.

PS This that’s cheesy? Check out my “Better Know Your Cheese” contest.

dairlyand foster mothers vintage

Mares Eat Oats & Does Eat Oats — But Who Eats Magicdotes?

Luring ’em in with a bunny, Robert Orben serves up the Magicdotes, “A book of anecdotes and stories about magic, magicians & mentalists”. (Published by Louis Tannen, copyright 1948.)

An excerpt from the introduction:

The stories in [the second and third sections] represent a good cross-section of magic as the layman wants to see it. So, when you’re introduced as a magician, don’t just do a few card tricks — relate some sort of folk-lore of magic and you’ll be surprised at the interest it will create. The names Houdini, Thurston, Dunninger, Herrmann, strike up all sorts of imaginative thoughts in the mind of the lay public. They can listen endlessly to the stories concerning Houdini’s countelss escapes, Houdin’s adventures in Africa, or Dunninger’s amazing feats of mentalism.


Children Who Play With Their Food

Grow up to be adults who play with their food. And even become magazine editors who encourage others to play with their food.

Exhibit A: How To Run A Successful Party: Party Ideas, Games, Fun, For Children & Grown Ups!, written by Elizabeth King (Fun Editor of Parents’ Magazine), copyright 1945, Doughnut Corporation of America. (This booklet, courtesy of my daughter, bears the name of Otto’s Bakery.)

doughnut donut vintage party booklet

elizabeth king party book

In these 30+ pages, are so many ways to play with donuts, I’m nearly speechless. Here are just a few of the games to play with donuts.

A horse racing game played with donuts:

donut horse racing game

Replace the pies with donuts for a donut-eating contest:

vintage donut eating contest

A donut relay:

vintage party idea donut relay

And, of course, the most popular donut games for all ages… Donut Dunking Contest, Donuts-On-A-String, Pass-The-Donut, and Pin The Dunk-ee. (Click to see larger scans.)

most popular donut games for all ages

Oh, there are more “most popular donut games for all ages” too! Though, as a parent, I’m not sure kids should be encouraged to play some of this smutty-stuff. Donut Treasure Hunt, Donut Snatch Dance, Donut Nose-Pushing Race, Dunking Relay Race, Chicken Fight with donuts, Donut Balancing Race, Donut Archery Contest, Donut String Kiss Stunt, Donuts From The Sky.

vintage doughnut games party booklet

This is by no means all of the games — nor all the things you can do with donuts. I’m just feeling the need to eat. And plan a party, maybe…

Drawing The Line At Valentines

It may seem a little early to start with the Valentine’s Day stuff, but we’re seeing a huge jump in traffic to our previous Valentine’s Day posts (older archives too). Heck, WalMart already has Easter candy out! Not that WalMart dictates anything to me; but I feel fine mentioning Valentine’s Day stuff now.


This vintage Valentine is a vintage mechanical Valentine from A-Meri-Card.

On the back, it’s signed “Love, Pursy.”

Found at an estate we are helping manage here in Fargo, the vintage Valentine was found inside a folded half-sheet of paper. The paper was a mimeographed list of guests for a Valentine’s Day party. While this was the only Valentine saved, it’s clear that Pursy was not invited to the party. Another example of drawing the line at party guest lists. Especially sad when the list has the guests arranged in pairs of one boy and one girl — and clearly there is one girl who had no “date”. Poor Pursy. Poor Paula.

You can find more vintage Valentines in our eBay listings. Those looking for vintage Valentine’s to craft with, check out our “crafty” Etsy shop.

Visions Of Sugar Plums Dance In Their Heads?

Meh. Probably not. But just try to get the image of these four babes from the 1940s out of your head! Each wears long johns or footie pajamas (perhaps with the old drop-seats, who can tell?) and snuggles a stuffed animal as all four of them lay in bed.