Just Ethel’s Luck

She finally got to the show, finally got a photo of her in her pretty hat published, and there Ethel is – blowing her nose.  …Looks like Johnny’s eating a booger too. Oh, everyone was so proud.

This is the back cover of  “367 prize winning household hints” from The Armour Radio Show Hint Hunt, a booklet from the daily CBS radio show. (Some tips are better than others — or at least the prizes awarded would be different.)

According to the booklet, which looks to be from the 1940s, there was to be a series of Hint Hunt booklets; however, this is the only booklet I’ve seen, the dirty rotten liars.

You’re A Much More Dedicated Seller Than I

Etsy seller seafoamSAFARI is so dedicated to photographing her vintage wares that she made time at her own wedding to have a photo of herself and the bridesmaids pose with her vintage handkerchief inventory. Well, at least that’s what I think. I could be lying; it might be prom. Or I could just be jealous.