Bobbie Freaked Out Santa

In this vintage photo, it looks like the freaky vintage stuffed masked-faced Santa toy is the one a bit creeped out. …Maybe it’s a draw. Via

PS I’d like to shout out “Happy Birthday!” to my sister who is afraid of most every doll. *wink*

Creepy Vintage Chalkware Babies

So, you’re decorating the old nursery, and you think it would be awesome to hang babies on the wall? I bet you also can’t understand why the baby cries every time you tuck her in.

How about just some severed baby faces on the wall? I bet you think your baby has colic; there’s no other reason baby should cry all the time…

There are creepy chalkware babies, there are really creepy chalkware babies — and then there are racist chalkware babies. Like this vintage chalkware string-holder featuring a little African-American baby on watermelon. I may go to bed crying just having seen that.

Image Credits: 1940s Plast Plak Hand Painted Chalkware Wall Baby via Bayutiful; Vintage Chalkware Happy Baby Face and Vintage Chalkware Crying Baby Face via ephemerascenti; and the vintage racist stringholder via midwestscout.

Is Your Toddler One With The Rhythm Nation?

Gilt Members who wish to dress their kids like little members of Janet’s Rhythm Nation can now do so less expensively. This military jacket from Beetlejuice (the kids clothing label, not the film) is available in sizes 2T though girls 8.¬† Alternately, parents of Devil Babies, as seen in last night’s Cougar Town, might also find this jacket useful — as prep for a straight jacket, or an actual military school. Which means maybe there’s more of a connection to Beetlejuice the movie than previously thought.

Regularly $103; Gilt member price, just $43. (While supplies last; sale ends in three days and some odd hours.)

Play With Reddy Flame & Reddy Kilowatt

I had a whole plastic baggy full of these vintage / retro plastic toy puppets from NSP Northern States power Co. One side has Reddy Kilowatt, the other Reddy Flame. I’m not sure gas and electricity are things you want to encourage your kids to play with but… Or small plastic bags either. But you can catch the remaining ones at Listia and eBay.