Puddington In Underpants

This has been on my bucket list for long long time — at least as long as we’ve been waiting for Mr. Oliver T. Puddington, our Basset Hound puppy. Well, I’ve been dreaming of putting Puddington in a little lederhosen. (Dressing French dog in German pants seems quite American to me.) I thrill at the idea of little tiny short pants and the long suspenders required to cover a Basset Hound’s long torso. But since hubby won’t invest in little leather pants for our pup, we have to make do with what we have: boys underpants. Hey, at least hubby and our son (who wants me to be clear demands I state that these are not his underpants!) were willing to humor me and go this far. Anyway, last night, the magic happened!

Oliver was incredibly patient and willing as we put the small underpants on his back end, tucking his long tail through the little flap. Doesn’t Mr. Puddington look Marvel-ous in his comical comic-themed underpants?!

marvel-ous hound dog

underpants on oliver the basset

When Oliver went to follow our son, Hunter, for a treat, Oliver’s fist step in those underpants must have felt odd, for he made a little funny hop with his hind-end before he trotted off in pursuit.

dog underpants hop

trotting in underpants

When Oliver returned with his treat, he generously shared is bounty (as he usually does) with his kitten, Old Man Chicken Bone. (Oliver’s nemesis, Toodles “Squirrel Face” Davidson III, our Cairn Terrier seen in some of the photos, had to try to find a scrap if she could.)

oliver sharing his treat with old man chicken bone the cat

basset hound in underpants

puddington in underpants

Puddington had been so patient, I felt bad that he shared his treat. So we gave him another one that he could have all to himself once we removed his underpants.

attentive olver in boys underpants

For the record:

Yes, I giggled myself silly the whole time.

Yes, I will do this again.

And, yes, I am more enamored than ever with investing in little lederhosen with long suspenders for Mr. Oliver T. Puddington.

(And this pair of underpants has helped with size selection; the lederhosen or next pair of underpants ought to be a wee-bit longer for a better Basset fit.)

oliver licking his nose

oliver sitting pretty in underpants

treat time for oliver

Not The Bell Bottom Jeans You’re Thinking Of

No, these jeans aren’t the typical ’70s bell bottoms at all; these are retro denim pants with the Bell Telephone logo embroidered on the back pocket. The pair we have are still in their original plastic bag and are available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

bell telephone jeans

Meet The Parchis

This funky album cover was my first introduction to the Parchis. According to Wikipedia, “the group’s name is a reference to the board game, Parcheesi (translated as Parchís in Spanish), where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, and green). In the same way, each member of the group dressed in one of these four colors with the fifth member representing the dice.” The vinyl was too badly scratched for me to buy it. Maybe next time.

parchis album cover

Miss Beatnik 1959

Don’t they look like they’re enjoying themselves?  These perky, cheerful ladies were just a few of the candidates vying for Miss Beatnik 1959, in this photo from the LA Times.   The ladies are, from left to right, Michi Monteef, Sammy McCord, Patti McCrory, Shaunna Lea, and Inner Thigh McGee there in the back is Jan Vandaveer.  They won’t smile or acknowledge the camera (except for Jan, but that’s why they made her stand in the back) because they really want you to know how serious being a Beatnik is — so serious, in fact, that this Beatnik contest was disavowed by Lawrence Lipton and his Beatnik colony.  See, this Miss Beatnik contest was sponsored by the Venice Art Committee, started by John Gifford and Tony Landreau, who were seeking publicity for their organization — which means, in Lipton’s words, they were merely “hip squares…taking advantage of the Beatnik movement.”  Real beatniks don’t do publicity stills, see?  Well, unless you’re a Greenwich Village beatnik, because they held their own Miss Beatnik contests in 1959 and 1960, but they were mocking the Miss America contest so that makes it totally Beanik.   The 1960 news article even mentions Miss Chicago Beatnik, Gnomi Gross, who went all the way to Greenwich Village to Beatnik all over those hep cats the way only a Windy City Beatnik could.  Hopefully the four ladies in the Venice Beach Miss Beatnik contest were able to rise above their unBeatnik ways and truly become the disaffected postmodern iconoclasts each one hoped she could always be.