Modern Woman Mondays: Labor Day Edition

We’ve come a long way, baby, trading in that typewriter for a personal computer, going from skirts to slacks… Of course we’ve also lost the freedom to smoke and fill-out our sweaters. Fair trade? Meh.

I Don’t Think My Kids Are Ready For Me To Make & Wear This

I only know that this is Gloria Treviand that I love it. Her top or bra cups are the same kitschy faces sewn into dolls or tissue box covers!

Streaking On A Plane

Love the 70s streaked hair. And the wide lapels. But neither as much as I love the stuffed dog being stowed away — and no kid in sight.¬† Being a stewardess flight attendant doesn’t look that difficult, Steven Slater.

Via The Cigarette Tree.

Once Upon A Time, You Needed BIG Hair To Move Those Muscle Cars

Also, it was important that the bows in your ridiculously big hair match the paint on the autos you were selling; like the orange of this Dodge Swinger 340.

Photos from a 1960’s Chicago auto show via bondmad2 at ebay.

We Just Called ‘Em Shorts

OK, and sometimes we called them “jogging shorts” if we wanted to specify between the cut-offs and the (admittedly horrid) terrycloth shorts (and rompers). But nowadays the kids (laughingly) call them “dolphin shorts.” Which I completely don’t get.

I don’t get the “dolphin” part, and I don’t get the laughing either. In fact, I stopped watching basketball when the players started wearing those long baggy things that resembled baggy golf knickers. B-ball so lost the sexy then.

Image via Tumblr.