Vintage Cowboy Valentine

Like many valentines (and greeting cards in general), spelling rules will be pushed past the limits to make a sentiment — if not complete sense. This vintage valentine features a cowboy with a “lassoo” to make the mushy-stuff work.

Vintage Plastic Cowboy Pinball Machine

Hard to imagine that this plastic floor-standing pinball machine survived at all, let alone in working condition — but there it was, in an antique shop in Fergus Falls, MN. The price on the tag was $75; but it was half-off this holiday weekend (at least).

The Stovall: Good Old Fashioned Branding

A great vintage neon sign for the Stovall theater (Sayre, OK), posted by The Vintage Reader (another one is here). Note that along with the cowboy riding the bucking bronc, there’s a line of brands down the side of the sign closest to the building. (PS You would have seen this — and plenty more — had you been following my Tumblr.)

All Snuggly Warm With Nostalgia & Flannel

Part of our collective sense of nostalgia is the classic cowboy pajama. Now you can wear your own set watching TV before bed; just don’t sit to close or you’ll damage your eyes. (Sale found via Shop It To Me.)

The Violent Little Log Cabin In The Woods

A pressed paper or cardboard log cabin with “Indians” that pop-up from around corners and doorways that good little boys were supposed to shoot at to improve their aim, I guess. My inner little girl was fascinated by this sort of paper doll house for boys; violent (and rather racist), yes — but with moving parts!

Photo snapped at an auction; I know nothing else about it. I you do, please share!