Meet The Parchis

This funky album cover was my first introduction to the Parchis. According to Wikipedia, “the group’s name is a reference to the board game, Parcheesi (translated as Parchís in Spanish), where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, and green). In the same way, each member of the group dressed in one of these four colors with the fifth member representing the dice.” The vinyl was too badly scratched for me to buy it. Maybe next time.

parchis album cover

Nancy Was A Shaun Cassidy Fan

I found this vintage Arrow Scholastic Book Services order form inside one of the retro ’70s books. You’ll notice that Nancy was ordering the Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook. Which proves just how much of a fan she was, because this slip was the bookmark in that very book. Maybe they gave the order slips back when they passed out the books… Maybe not. I prefer to think of Nancy as ordering an extra copy. You know, to keep one clean and drool free. Wherever you are, Nancy, we salute you!

retro vintage scholastic teen book order form

While we’re talking about Shaun Cassidy, note the photos of him with Darth Vader, a Harlem Globe Trotter, and John Wayne which are found inside the book.

shaun cassidy photos

Do Pistol-Packin’ Mamas Raise Rifle-Using Daughters?

Another one of the Dolly Toy Company pinups, this one featuring a gun-toting toddler defending the stagecoach. OK, so many she’s not a toddler. …But then again, maybe the little girl isn’t defending the stagecoach either. You can see the rest of the pieces in this set here, in our Etsy shop. (Better look quick — these vintage nursery pieces sell fast in our store!)

vintage dolly toy co stagecoach robbery pinup