Modern Woman Mondays & Some Sort Of A Hat Collide

Hey, ladies, “buy by the kit and save” when you make your own hats! From Fox Millinery Supply Spring-Summer Catalog 1966.

And, “Fruit & Berry Hats To Copy” — because, unlike Carmen Miranda, you need “new ideas,” and “helpful hints” to make “‘THOSE’ Clever Small Hats.” (Also included, “Make An Easter & Summer Veil Hat.”) From the 1961 Louie Miller catalog.

Uncle Simian Wants You

Charlton Heston would have you think that a future world ruled by monkeys would be medieval and brutal in nature, in which chimpanzees and gorillas and orangutans are castes in a worldwide religion based on the first monkey to rise up and destroy all humans.  Fortunately for lovers of the truth, I’m just back from the future, and I bring you this political poster, pulled straight off the wall at an army recruiting center:

I Want You Poster, by Serdar Hizli

If monkeys rise up and overwhelm humanity, this is what the Planet of the Apes will really look like – because people forget that monkeys are totally crazy.  (actual poster by this guy)

The Stewardesses Were High

Yup, just plain “high”; no sky. Me thinketh it’s the fumes off the pink and orange polyester — fumes so strong, the hats have shrunk. Which means they could just be retro Burger King employees. (Via Boogie Children.)

I Want To Be a Viking

Some days, you’re just sitting around with a couple knitting needles and a few skeins of wool, and you think to yourself, “self, I really should knit myself a viking.”  So you go to work, without really thinking about how one would really knit a viking, but you’re a dedicated crafter, and in the end your result looks like this:

Knit Viking Hat and Beard

And then the entire Reddit world totally freaks out at your awesomeness.   (via)

Beware Of Liquor That Knocks Your Hat Off

So warns this risque vintage postcard (via A Slip Of A Girl). I’m guessing that artist Tony Roy expected lady’s underpants to be worn as hats at some point in the evening… Which only further drives home the point about imbibing too much. So here’s to a happy & safe New Year’s Eve, for you, your panties and your hats.

PS I love that the “i” is upside down in “liquor.”