Link Round-Up, Quiz Style

Do you know how to handle the problem of wrinkly meat?

Ready to take a gamble?

Dear Diary, today I…?

What did you keep in your shoeboxes?

Ready to bat your lashes — or grow a faux mustache?

Remember Rabbit & Skunk & the Scary Rock?

Hey, those last three links are to posts of mine at my other sites; just sayin’.

Numerically Speaking Quiz (1945)

From the August 4, 1945 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, a little quiz by “Paige Reeder.”

Many numbers have special meanings, quite apart from their arithmetical value. There are a baker’s dozen of them below. How many can you interpret? Ten correct is good; if you get them all, you are just plain lucky.

I was neither good nor lucky; neither was hubby. Let’s see how you do — without cheating and searching the internet. I’ll post the answers in the next few days.

PS Braniacs may want to check out past quizzes from the past in the Kitschy Kitschy Coo archives.

Last Minute Space Costumes

From Simple Toymaking, by Sheila Jackson (1966), how to make a “Dalek mask (for imaginary space creature).”

(Missing instructions, from next page: Protect acetate with paper and spray mask with a silver paint aerosol.

Get yourself some tinfoil and a deep purple wig, modify the bangs with a scissors, and Voila! you’re a moonbase women of UFO.

Quality Time With Grandpa

That’s Richard Shufflebottom throwing knives at his grandson Garry at a Yorkshire fairground. If Garry’s mom, Florence, seems too happy to watch, it’s because Richard’s her father; so heaven only knows what her childhood was like. (Photo via National Fairground Archive.)