The Unintentional Skunk Collection

I was going to write about this at Inherited Values, but then I realized I have little to say about my odd, yet growing, collection of skunks. I don’t search for them, but they continue to find me. And soon, there will be too many to fit on the shelf.

The collection began with the the pair of vintage hand-painted coffee can lids with skunk decals.

Then I met “Stinkie” the skunk figurine. (I didn’t name him; his name is on the silver foil label on his tummy.) Then I found the pair of vintage masked stuffed toy skunks. I was gifted the skunk figurine with fur. By that point, when I ran into the vintage skunk planter, I knew I was officially collecting skunks. Before that point the items were parts of my other collections (vintage masked toys, kitschy stuffed animals, kitsch figurines, home decor, etc.), but now the skunks all sit together. If I have a favorite, it might be this vintage sawdust-stuffed skunk from Japan; I kiss his little nose and his little strawberry leaf hat.

3 thoughts on “The Unintentional Skunk Collection”

  1. The puppets greatly resemble Cornflake S. Pecially, the one with the rocking chair factory in the Land of Make Believe on Mr Rogers Neighborhood long ago.

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