Old Wacky Packages, New New New!

On April Fool’s Day, Topps released Wacky Packages Book New New New, a hardcover book celebrating the iconic, infantile, and insane stickers which kids like me were so stuck on in the 1970s. Like the first volume, this book packs in the images of the product parodies on glossy pages, with art three-times the size of the original stickers. Also like the first book, this one comes wrapped in a waxy dust jacket to resemble the original packs of stickers — and there are even four never-before-seen Wacky Package stickers inside.

Mercifully, there’s no gum. Just images of it. And that’s enough to remind me of the pain one endured to get those stickers. After all, mom and dad were watching; you had to at least appear to like the gum to ensure you could buy more stickers.

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