The Circle Of Kitsch

Remember back, when the Internet was young, and the most fascinating thing was to search for the exotic… Finding pages published by people far away from you, on subjects and things you’d never heard of before. Now, one of the most important things is to find things right in your own backyard. Things you know about — enough to want, anyway. If the price is right. Things you want, and at the best price; thanks, Internet.

Sure, some of the exotic thrills are still a large part of our daily Internet use. But beyond the entertainment and educational value, so much of our time is now spent comparison shopping — and we seek the added bonus of supporting our local economies. Well, maybe it’s just the convenience of saving on shipping combined with the instant gratification of a local pickup. Tomato, tomatoe; the results are the same.

I was tooling about such a place,, “Things you love, where you live.” Unexpectedly, however, I found myself discovering the delightful Kitsch Hotel, a youth hostel in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s not near home, but it is a thrifty way to travel. And it’s loaded with kitsch!

Photos via The Kitsch Hostel Blog. A number of clever ideas seen here sent me back to CentrSource for project supplies. …Ah, the circle of kitsch.

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