Home Is Where The Heart Rendering Is

A vintage home canning and label book from Worthington Rendering CO, Worthington, Minnesota, “Our gift to you in appreciation of your calls.”

What calls, you ask?

Calls to report or turn in what Worthington wants to render:

Wanted All Dead & Disabled Animals

Courteous Drivers

Large or Small — We Make the Call

Hey, they had clean and sanitary disinfected trucks. So don’t worry about it; go can some fruit. Just don’t tell Timmy & Betsy what really happened to Old Shep and that lame kitten… Just tell the kids the pets went to go live on a farm. Or another farm.

2 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Rendering Is”

  1. I know it sounds like a weird source to get canning recipes from, but is there any chance you’ll be scanning the insides of the book? USDA recommends avoiding older recipes, because they might not be as safe as recent (60s? 70s?) tested canning recipes. But it would be interesting just to look through and see what they were canning.

  2. Rob, I didn’t buy this gem — though, I have kicked myself for being so cheap and may just go back…

    Flipping through it, it appeared to be more labels for use in canning than recipes. However, if I go back and it is there, I will likely buy it (or at least take better notes!)

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