Derek grew up in a house full of stuff. Not one of those houses you see on TV with newspapers piled to the roof and dirty dishes stacked all over the bathroom -- no, he learned responsibility in packratting things away. If there's space inside it, put something in it. Basements are to be packed full, because you never know when you'll need it again. His pack-rat abilities even exceed his parents -- Derek has been forced to start selling his things if he ever wants to buy more.

Mostly, Derek's tastes lead towards things touched by a real human: recordings of children singing with the radio, notes scrawled on the backs of school photos, every bit of paper related to some family's Disney vacation. He also has a collection of books, a bunch of record albums, an affinity for old computers, and a wife with dangerously similar interests.

Finally, Derek's been bringing strangeness to the internet since the 1990s, starting with his world-famous WalMart receipts, adding brevity in identity at I Am..., archiving ghostly sounds at Voices From The Thriftshop, reproducing the Books of Dog for all to see, and blogs less often than he'd like.

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