Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Nock-A-Bouts

After the Trash or Treasure event at the Plains Art Museum today, we stopped in one of our favorite local antique malls where I snapped-up, at $1 each, these 8 x 10 promotional photos of the band the Nock-A-Bouts.

I believe the men are older in the second photo; hubby says the photos were taken the same day because of their suits. I insist the first photo of the trio is them in their hey-day, playing the college & club circuit; the latter them on the way down, older musicians trying to get a gig -- the same suits are the result of not being able to afford new suits.

A little research shows very little on the trio, other than they were Dorsey, Flo & Jimmy Clark (Dorsey presumably the one, in both photos, with the "D" hanky in his pocket) and they cut at least one comedy/party album. As the title of the recording is The Two Sides of the Nock-A-Bouts, I'm guessing hubby is right. And now I'll need to eat my own hat. Or pith helmet. Or whatever.

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