Saturday, September 27, 2008

Night of the Lepus

Some people Live-Twitter the debates; I opt to Live-Twitter my viewing of Night of the Lepus, starring Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, DeForest Kelley, & Paul Fix. Here it is, cut & pasted for you, typos and all.
Watching Night of the Lepus - when rabbits terrorize! Still less strange than Palin/McCain campaign

Yes, yes, go in cellar to hide from rabbits.

Slow motion humungoid bunnies running to slow version of Twilight Zone's do-do-do-do. Excellent.

Why didn't they stop for the lone guy with a rifle acting so crazy on the side of the road? Huh.

Ah, the turn-off to Woodale is a dirt road... that seems to bode that they are safe.

Giant rabbits fill the wild-west general store!! No need for cheezy music -- I am enthralled!

A helicopter approaches. I am waitnig for a giant bunny to rear up and snatch it from the sky... I wait for it.

Siren sound effect is large kazoo?

Maybe just a child going "wooooOOoooo WoOOOOoooo"

"Attention" police say to drive-in movie attendees, "There'a a herd of large attacking rabbits, evacuate!"

Giant killer rabbits killed on railroad tracks -- electrocuted. Or shot. I can smell the burning fur.

Goodness is restored to the earth. Children play in fields. Roll credits.

Thank you, Turner Classic Movies.
Should this interest you at all, why not watch the trailer?

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Blogger Miss Janey said...

Aaww. So sad for bunnehs.

BTW- "Rory Calhouun" most made up sounding name in teh history of movies!

September 29, 2008 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Caradoc said...

They had a problem coming up with footage of a vicious rabbit so they kept using this one shot over and over. They must have gotten the little guy to brandish his fearsome teeth by holding up a carrot. Otherwise the bunnies just ominously sat around and twitched their noses.

October 4, 2008 2:01 PM  

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