Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Costume Idea #24

Kids today may not recognize the clunky old bakelite phone style, but grandmas & grandpas will -- and they have some of the best candy.

Via Flickr.

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Blogger Marzipan said...

Luv your site!

Just wanted to let you know about my new project, "My 50's Year." I'm about a month in and going a little insane but there you go!

Here's some information on why I've decided to live a whole year in the guise of a 50's housewife:

I feel a need to shake up my life dramatically while doing something campy and that I have an intense love/hate relationship with. I've collected 50's housewife memorabilia for a few years now and always wondered what it would be like to time travel and step into those women's well-worn heels. Obviously, I don't have a time machine so I'm doing the next best thing! I expect the project to have its emotional ups and downs but I strongly suspect that I'm going to discover something I never knew about my personality by going through with this. I will test my fears about being absurd in public and will strive to be the "best" wife and mother I can be. After the year is over, we'll see whether I've fundamentally changed/gained a new perspective regarding women and their stereotypical roles in modern culture.

Women (and men) still "nest" today. Just like they did in the 50's! I just happen to be cleaning/tidying/organizing pretty much non-stop! It's amazing how much my legs in particular have taken to the past week of cleaning. It's only Day 5 and they're so sore! In my household of 7 years, I've only done my own laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and occasionally tidied up the rest of the house. My husband cooked, did his own (and our child's) laundry, did the dishes and went grocery shopping. I felt pretty much spoiled and now he complains that he feels useless! Pretty funny as I never felt useless but there you go.

I'm also striving to make my home an extension of my personality. There's a wonderful drawing by Louise Bourgeois depicting a woman/house. It's a scary portrayal but insightful too... there's also a great poem by Marge Piercy called "The Secretary Chant" where a secretary's body consists of staplers and other office accessories. I'm inspired by this poem as well and its implication that women transmorph into objects when in generally passive roles.
Maybe by the end of this project I'll have broomstick legs! (or just one up my bum) : }

Come over for coffee and apple pie anytime, sweetie!



October 1, 2008 9:04 AM  
Blogger mister M said...


October 1, 2008 10:43 AM  

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