Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Un-Charmkins Episode

In 1983, Geraldine Ferraro was poised to run as the nation's VP, and Sunbow Entertainment, Marvel Productions, released one episode of The Charmkins, based on the Hasbro toys.

Like Humpty Dumpty, all the king-sized voice talent couldn't hold the cartoon together.

Ben Vereen (Dragonweed), Aileen Quinn (Brown-Eyed Susan), Sally Struthers (Poison Ivy), Ivy Austin (Skunkweed), Martin Bierbach (Willie Winkle), Lynne Lambert (Lady Slipper), Chris Murney (Bramble Brother, Briarpatch, Crocus), Bob Kaliban (Bramble Brother), Gary Yudman (Thorny), Peter Wardren (Popcorn), Freddi Webber (Blossom), Patience Jarvis (Announcer), Tina Capland (Announcer), Helen Leonhart (Vocalist), Jamie Murphy (Vocalist), Helen Miles (Vocalist).

While the Charmkins only had one episode on TV, I recently had my own Charmkins episode. It resulted in a headache so fierce, that I'm selling the smelly jewelry playmates. If you want 'em, they're cheap.

Advil is extra.

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