Thursday, March 6, 2008

Golliwogg, Guili-Guili, de Vigny

A vintage ad for Vigny Perfumes, Paris, featuring some fanciful & kitschy perfume bottles.

Shown here are the charming, but oft misunderstood, so they say, Golliwogg perfume "of romance" and Guili-Guili, a fragrance sold as "the tropical god of good fortune" but in truth was Guili-Guili was (according to Perfume Intelligence) named after "the real-life Egyptian illusionist from Alexandria".

While Golliwogg is highly collectible, both as a perfume and a character inspiring annual events, it is found with relative ease; Guili-Guili is much more rare.

Due to age, these bottles often have their labels missing, so along with this vintage ad image, and this image from dgaudit to guide you, look for bottles matching this description from Perfume Intelligence:
Presented in flacon designed by Michel de Brunhoff with the head and foot of the bottle carved from mahogany; the head covered the stopper while the foot held the delicate crystal bottle to stand upright
The ad also mentions other fragrances, such as Chick-Chick, and Vigny lipstick. For more on de Vigny perfumes, see this guide at eBay and this post about Michel de Brunhoff.

Additional Golliwogg de Vigny photos via Rago Arts:

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