Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crappy VHS Covers - HUNDREDS of 'em!

When I was a kid, my mom worked at several different video rental stores during the 80s. As one might expect, I spent a lot of my time in these stores, browsing the shelves, looking at the covers, trying to understand the lurid and titillating R-rated movie covers...and, in case you don't remember, there was so much crap available on video, it was hard to pick the good from the horrible. Nowadays, you go to Blockbuster or Hollywood and they've got shelves full of big-name movies and DVD box sets of TV shows, things proven to be money-draws, and very little of the USA Up All Night variety. You can't find rows and rows of the videos found below any longer, unless you've still got a mom-and-pop owned video store on your block that understands the value of some good schlock.

This website, despite being heavily European in origins (which adds to the fun) has dozens upon dozens of scans of VHS video covers; most are naughty in very European ways (be careful if you're clicking from your place of employment), and they lean largely towards bloody and sexy...preferably both if available.

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