Monday, February 4, 2008

Socking It To Martha & Other Household Tipsters

From the "Martha Stewart's got nothing new files", comes this page of Household Ideas: Prize Hints for the Homemaker (Modern Woman Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 5, 1945).

Yeah, I know a person could fill up a blog with these 'recycled' tips. And maybe I will. (It all starts with just one page -- mocking is so like potato chips.)

My favorites here are:
Children's pajamas are almost impossible to buy -- especially with the feet attached. As a substitute sew a pair of socks, two sizes larger than the child wears, to the legs of the pajamas.
I wasn't around at the end (or any part of) WWII, so I can't vouch for that time, the jammies or the kids, but I have a few ideas on the rarity of jammies with feet. I think there's a reason for that which has nothing to do with the war -- kids hate 'em.

I had to cut the feet off all such pj's or my kids wouldn't wear them. Visit any local rummage sale, yard sale, or thrift shop and you'll see that my kids are not the only kids who feel such vile disgust of the footie part of footie pajamas.
Wash out children's socks daily instead of letting them pile up in the clothes hamper. Imbedded perspiration and sand tend to deteriorate the fibers, and should not be left in for any length of time.
This phenomenon, otherwise known as 'crunchy socks', doesn't only affect children. I know there was a shortage of men on the home front, but Mr Too-Old-To-Fight & Mr Gimpy had socks which were so afflicted too. And let's be honest, working women's socks aren't any better. I don't know about Ms Lounge-About-Eating-BonBons' hose, but stinky feet knows no age, no gender. Did any one really not know to wash the stinky things? Did they not know why hampers stink? And didn't they face the 'darn' truth when mending socks?

(Get the pun? Or must I explain the process of darning socks?)

Of course, if you cleaned socks by pounding them on rocks, your socks were doomed anyway. Even if sewn onto pjs.
Broken glass on the kitchen sink or floor can be readily picked up by wiping with a wad of fresh bread rolled into a ball.
Hence poor families who counted themselves lucky to have day old bread had broken glass strewn about the joint. Oiy the sock damages!

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OpenID fullbodytransplant said...

Mocking may be so like potato chips, but you may get a whole bunch of new hands in your bag.

I got the Pop Tart neatorama'd!!!

Check this out:

Super awesome snark infection goes worldwide.


February 5, 2008 7:09 AM  

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