Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Alcoholic Blues (Some Blues)

I love my country, 'deed I do
But oh, that war has made me blue.
I like fightin' that's my name,
But fightin' is the least a-bout the fightin' game.
When Mister Hoover said to cut my dinner down,
I never even hesitate, I never frown;
I cut my sugar, I cut my coal,
But now they dug deep in my soul.

I've got the blues -- I've got the blues,
I've got the alcoholic blues.
No more beer my heart to cheer;
Goodbye whiskey, you used to make me frisky.
So long high-ball, so long gin.
Oh, tell me when you comin' back a-gin?
Blues -- I've got the blues Since they amputated my booze
Lord-y Lord-y, war is well -- you know, I don't have to tell--
Oh, I've got the alcoholic blues, some blues -- I've got the blues.

Prohibition that's the name,
Prohibition, drives me insane.
I'm so thirsty, soon I'll die,
I'm simply goin' to 'vaporate, I'm just that dry.
I wouldn't mind to live forever in a trench,
Just if my daily thirst they only let me quench;
And not with Bevo or Gingerale
I want real stuff by the pail.
Copyright 1919 by Broadway Music Corporation. Words by Edward Laska, music by Albert Von Tilzer.

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