Thursday, November 8, 2007

Something Fishy I Can Blame On The Simpsons

I just discovered The Fish Police. First the comic book was news to me.

Now I discover I missed the animated TV series.

Adapted to the cartoon format in 1992 as an attempt by CBS to compete with the success of The Simpsons by creating cartoons adults in the prime time evening slot, starring a wonderful cast:

* John Ritter as Inspector Gill
* Hector Elizondo as Don Calamari
* Edward Asner as Chief Abalone
* Jonathan Winters as Mayor Cod
* Tim Curry as The Sharkster
* Robert Guillaume as Detective Catfish
* Buddy Hacket as Crabby
* Megan Mullally as Pearl
* JoBeth Williams as Angel
* Frank Welker as Mussels Marinara/Doc Croaker
* Georgia Brown as Goldie
* Charlie Schlatter as Tadpole

But the series was very short-lived. According to Toonopedia:
Despite the star-studded cast, Fish Police failed to reel in viewers. Six episodes were produced, but the plug got pulled after only three had been aired. The rest appeared only in a few overseas markets.
Another reason to hate The Simpsons. Sure, if it weren't for them, maybe Fish Police the TV series wouldn't have been made; but the too-high rating expectations CBS had was unrealistic for a new show. (And don't get me started on how few episodes shows get before they are cancelled -- it drives me nuts.) Plus I just don't like the Simpsons.

Guess what collection-obsession's on my horizon?

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