Friday, November 2, 2007

Craft-Scan Friday: Got Your Ears On, Good Buddy?

Don't let its resemblance to a CB radio fool you -- this is NOT an actual radio, nor is it a CB radio cozy (as the wifey first assumed). This is an imposter CB radio straight out of the 1970s, when knitters turned to the citizen-band world by storm, filling the airwaves with their purls of wisdom.

This plastic-canvas needlepoint project, probably intended towards kids and their interests, is actually a "handy catch-all" box. So, as Grandma browsed this month's copy of McCall's Needlework and Crafts, she'd run across this ad and have an epiphany: "Billy loves CB radio -- this kit is the perfect birthday gift!" Billy's eyes will widen upon tearing away the giftwrap, and all other toys -- the Stretch Armstrongs, the Creepy Crawlers -- will be tossed aside in preference of the fabric-and-plastic faux CB radio. Well, mostly because he knows mom will never look for his pot inside the CB radio. It's the perfect cover!

Knitting Corners must've sold a brazillian of these, because they're still around -- no website to speak of, but they're listed as a knitting source in the same address, no less! We're tempted to order one, not because we need a place to hide our pot, but because we're tired of the static we get on our CB radio. According to this ad, the perfect solution to squelching static is to remove the radio altogether. How handy!

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