Friday, October 12, 2007

OSHA Failures At The Knitting Factory

A few weeks ago, we bought a trailerfull of crafting magazines from the sixties and seventies, which you'll get to see a lot of fun scans from: Here's the first entry in Craft-Scan Fridays:

While yarn is, yes, quite inspiring, I don't think they should've centered the ad around an industrial accident that occurred during the production of the skeins. I don't know how a lady in her panties ended up in their giant washing machine, but I'll bet OSHA wrote up at least a 150-page report no this place's lack of safety features.

"Mabel! Mabel! Get outta there -- grab the railing, quick! We just added fabric softener, and the spin cycle is on the way. SPIN CYCLE -- do you understand, Mabel?! The. Spin. Cycle. You ain't gonna survive that!"

I even got out my magnifying glass to see if they had any disclaimers (but who used disclaimers in the sixties? If that toaster exploded, you figured it was your own fault for buying that new-fangled whole-wheat bread), something along the lines of "Simulation -- Do Not Attempt At Home", but I found nothing in the margins. The reason today's magazines are free from images of women in their skivvies swimming in a washing machine must be due to the number of fatalities at the time. Poor, poor, clothing-optional housewives.

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