Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Beautiful Can You Get?

In August, 1956, Woman's Day was bold enough to ask the question -- and kind enough to give you the answer with three full pages of beauty tips.

How To Be A Girl, by Susan Bennett Holmes

On page 18 the three pages of instruction begins. Here's one of my favorite passages:
If only you could look like That! If only you had the $195 the small, elegant script says you need for the dress!

Actually, your thinking is on the wrong tack. The dress may be dreamy, but so is the model inside it. We venture to suggest that even the zoopiest creation by Dior would look dreary on a model who forgot her comb and whose stocking seams were awry. No one of us can honestly write off lack of care for our looks under dearth of clothes. In order to look like That, you have to achieve darn near faultless grooming.
"What follows is planned to be clipped out and tacked on the inside of your closet door." (Click to read each of the scans -- you can even print them out to place inside your closet door! Isn't that the zoopiest?!)

Psst, you can buy a print of the cover artwork here.

Get more goodies from Susan Bennett Holmes with How To Be a Girl: Part 1 and Part 2.

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